Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hepy, hepy n hepy...! yeyh!!! =) can't wait for our family vacation. i'm so hepy! hee... =) on dis MARCH 13-15 march 2010 kitowang akan adakan more to family gathering lor, da reason is tuk mengeratkan sillaturrahim antara 1 sama len. wah! sangat teruja dibwatnya. hee... x sabar lagi okeyh! n pe yang bwat kan ak tersangat2 hepy lagi is 2 more days is MY BIRTHDAY! yey... =))

p/s: mylovely family, jangan bwat2 lupa ye... hahaha... (warning yang penuh maksud tersirat! ) nyway, hope everything will b ok n fun, fun, n happening! yeyh! =)

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