Saturday, April 2, 2011


hey, wats up dude ! =) menyepikan diri tuk sekian waktu now tym for update !!! ;D

ok... last year n dis year ramai betol kawan2 i yang da engage, kawen, becoming mama n ... dari single, masing2 sume da jadi double n becoming triple n more... n more... n more... phiew~ but me??? OMG ! still single okeyh ! lalala~ hepy? ya, im really wif my life but i xley tipu jugak, sometyms its quit borrriiinnggggg... argghhh ! HELP me ! hahaha...

wen girls said dat " i need boyfie plzz" sounds like dat girls so desperate??? hurmm... but wen boys said " i need gf " nobody say anything. not fair ! hahaha... wateva ! hari neh melalut benda yang tah pape jerk. poning den. grr~ tu jela kot. hehehehe... ;D

1 comment:

  1. maybe it is because the norm that a guy usually looks for the girls and not vice versa.

    anw, time hs changed the world. and women has become dominant. so don't give a hell about what people says. just go ahead n look for the guy that suits u. :)


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